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4 Must Visit Places In UAE

The UAE has become a popular tourist destination due to its growing urban development, famous skyscrapers, and world-famous beach resorts! The UAE is home to many famous landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Mosque of Sheikh Zayed. Abu Dhabi Museum of the Louvre. All of these beautiful features have helped make the UAE a luxury destination for many travellers from all over the world!

Every visitor will find something to their liking in the UAE if they want to learn about its culture. You and your friends can drive your car to the desert and spend several nights watching the clear sky studded with stars on your tour to Abu Dhabi. In the Emirates, you can indulge in your favourite hobby. Even if you want to fly, you can try paragliding. You can do all of these things while only visiting one country!

Amazing Places To Visit In Emirates

This article will discuss the four most amazing places in the Emirates that you must visit. Since the UAE is so small, you can quickly get to these places by taking public transportation, fast, clean, and free of traffic.


You may not need to read this article to realize that the Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s equivalent of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! This skyscraper has several distinguishing features, including a height of 828 meters. There are 160 floors. This skyscraper’s enormous height takes you to the sky! In addition, the lounges and restaurants will provide you with unique experiences with the clouds.

The Dubai Aquarium is also one of the places to visit in Dubai. This underwater zoo contains over 33,000 different types of aquatic animals. There, you can see animals you didn’t know existed before eating a delicious lunch and purchasing souvenirs for your family.

Abu Dhabi

If you plan a trip to the Emirates, the city tour to Abu Dhabi is a must! It is also necessary to visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful mosques. It has a remarkable design that blends ancient and modern Islamic architecture. Traditional Islamic floral arrangements can be found in this mosque. The blue marble domes and chandeliers are adorned with gold and precious stones, lending the space a unique radiance.

The Louvre Museum, which houses many beautiful artifacts from various civilizations, is one of the other places to visit in Abu Dhabi. If you are interested in racing, you can visit the Yas Marina Circuit.


The Sharjah Art Museum is one of Sharjah’s most renowned attractions! Although it is not as famous as the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, it reflects the local culture in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf.

This museum has housed many significant works of art, particularly those by Lebanon’s most famous artist, Kahlil Gibran.

In addition, you can visit the Central Market, where you can bring a piece of Sharjah home with you!

Sharjah also has hotels to suit all budgets, making it a popular tourist destination.


Ajman has many beautiful beaches, including Al Hamriya, white sand, and calm waters. In Ajman, you can also observe the traditional boat building industry, which the Emiratis once used to catch pearls from the deep sea. It is worth noting that before the UAE gained independence in the 1970s, the only sources of income for this country were pearling and fishing. From the 1970s to the present, the UAE has relied on oil to fuel its urban and technological renaissance.

Final Words

So, these are all must-go places for your trip to UAE. You can contact Desert Evening Safari for a city tour to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We offer a variety of activities, including dune buggy, desert morning safari, overnight desert safari, quad bike safari, and many more.

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