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5 Fantastic Details About Desert Safari That You Did Not Know

5 Fantastic Details About Desert Safari That You Did Not Know

Since Dubai is not just about dazzling shopping malls, glamorous nightlife, and diversity, it is also famous for offering incredible places to visit like Dubai safari park and desert safari. Desert safari is one of the most thrilling adventures, not just in the Middle East, but all across the world as well. As a matter of fact, most tourists book Desert Safari in Dubai right after coming here.

Desert safari in Dubai offers everything to people who want to break free of the regular humdrum of life, and the individuals who are constantly after an opportunity that could boost their adrenaline levels. In addition to dune bashing, quad biking, there are many exhilarating experiences that lure people from all corners of the world to come and spend their vacations in Dubai.

Considering how much people adore Desert Safari in Dubai, we have compiled some details about Desert Safari that people are usually not aware of.

  • Bashing the sand dunes

The Red dune safari is one of the most thrilling activities you could ever sign up for. To join this crazy thrill, all you need to do is sit in Land Cruiser and drive over Red dune!

Not only is this activity super fun, but it also makes you learn a lot of things. Although this is not what the entire tour at Desert Safari is about, most trips usually start with dune bashing. Consequently, before you can actually begin to explore this place, your adrenaline is already at its peak.

Then comes Bedouin-style campsite, where you can smoke, do BBQ, enjoy Arabic music, or just stare at the star-studded sky at night.

  • Overnight experience

Are you a night person?

If not, then become one before you come to Desert Safari

That is because you cannot miss the nightlife here, it is beyond anything you have ever imagined. The chilling breeze at night, the quietness in the air emphasize the beauty of the place. Furthermore, in terms of activities, you can enjoy music sessions of light Arabic music, watch belly dance and allow yourself to be immersed in stars all around you.

  • Ride in SUV

Since, dune bashing is an integral part of Desert Safari, your chief mode of transportation here would be SUV cars, such as Land Cruiser and Hummer. That is because these cars are ideal for the desert atmosphere, and they enable you to enjoy the bashing experience to its fullest.

Once you would step into the desert, you would be greeted with SUV vehicles, so all your fears regarding dune bashing would evade. These SUV cars are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, therefore if you are a healthy adult, this ride would not harm you in any way.

  • Thrill of Hummer in Desert

The tour operators of Desert Safari make sure that every guest is thoroughly taken care of, therefore, they make sure everyone who comes here gets treated no less than a royal.

Every tour makes the roughest sides of Dubai look like a dream. In addition, to the ride, everything here is well-designed. It will make you escape the stressful humdrum of urban life.

  • Entire tour in 6 hours

Although Desert safari offers a plethora of activities, like dun bashing, shisha smoking, camel riding, quad biking, etc. The instructors make sure that you enjoy everything in few hours!

These were only a few interesting details from a plethora of details about the desert safari. To know more about the desert safari, pay our website a visit. You can get exciting tours from our website at reasonable prices.


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