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5 Reasons A Trip To The Fascinating Musandam Peninsula Can Rejuvenate You

If you think you have seen everything the UAE has to offer, including its glistening skyscrapers, vibrant souks, desert safaris, and water sports, it’s time to head across to the Musandam Peninsula in the neighboring Sultanate of Oman. This is one road drive you’ll remember for years to come, with its winding date palm oases and undulating sand dunes. While D-E-S is here with the best Musandam tour packages and dune buggy rentals in Dubai, here are five reasons why you should travel to Musandam.

  • Although Remote, It Is Nonetheless Easily Reachable

There is no better area than Musandam to relax away from the tension, noise, and pollution of the city. Due to the stunning mountains on one side and the Strait of Hormuz on the other, its distinct geography ensures that it is separated from the rest of the country. You may visit Musandam for the weekend or as a day vacation without tiring yourself. It is only a three-hour journey from Dubai and a five-hour drive from Abu Dhabi.

  • There Is A Lot To See And Do Along The Route

There are many exciting places to stop if you’re traveling from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, which will make the journey more enjoyable. Remember to bring your camera along because you will see lots of scrubby grasslands, peachy sand dunes, and a few desert oases along the road. Another option is to make a small break at Sharjah, a sister city of Dubai, where you may take a drive along the Corniche or visit a local souk. For a different, slower side of Emirati life, you can visit the emirates of Ajman and Ras al Khaimah.

  • Come For The Solitude; Stay For The Scenery

One of the best drives in the world is on this peninsula because of its spectacular scenery. The journey from Bukha, the first settlement inside Musandam, to Khasab, the nation’s capital, is absolutely breathtaking. On one side, you’ll view the ragged, rocky Hajjar Mountains, while on the other, the blue sea and golden beaches.

Due to its rocky kors or inlets that mimic the majestic fjords of Norway, the Musandam peninsula is referred to as the “Norway of the Middle East.” Along the route, there are also attractive fishing villages with historic forts, opulent mosques, and antique dhows. You won’t get tired of seeing the blue water at Khasab, so pick a hotel with a spectacular sea view.

  • The Unforgettable Dhow Trip Where You Can Go Dolphin Snorkeling

One of the few activities you absolutely must do while in Musandam is the boat to Khor ash-Sham. Sit back and take in the view of the spectacular fjord sticking out of the water while lounging on luxurious Persian rugs and couches. If you’re up for an adventure, you can snorkel in the sea or try to find some dolphins in the nearby waters.

  • Home To An Unusually Rich Collection Of Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs derive from the Greek words petros, which means stone, and glyph, which means carving. They are simple rock art images chiseled out of boulders, cave walls, or other valuable pieces of stone. Musandam is home to an unusually rich collection of petroglyphs. Ancient petroglyphs may be seen all throughout the peninsula, frequently in the most distant locations. They show a variety of subjects, including people and animals (especially horses and camels), as well as abstract symbols and geometric patterns whose significance has been forgotten. 

To Wrap Up:

You must plan a trip to the Musandam peninsula if you feel like your hectic life has drained you. The experience will be really revitalizing; that’s a guaranty. If you’re looking forward to a visit, Desert Evening Safari can provide you with an all-inclusive package. Whether you’re looking for a Musandam tour package or a quad-bike desert tour in Dubai, we’ve got you covered. Call us to find out more.

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