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5 Reasons Why Overnight Dubai Safari

5 Reasons Why Overnight Dubai Safari Is A Must Try

Dubai is famous for its fancy hotels, world-class shopping, exquisite beaches, and an overall luxurious lifestyle. Apart from the lavish activities, there are also self-soothing ad calming experiences that you can try in Dubai. One of them being an overnight safari. Once you try an overnight desert safari in Dubai, you will get lost in the magical desert and its ethereal experience. Honestly, this will give you a fabulous recollection of memories that you will cherish forever.

Here are the top 5 reasons why an overnight is an unforgettable experience.

Serene And Peaceful

Are you looking for some time out from the materialistic world? Do you need an opportunity to just sit by yourself away from the city lights? If yes, then an overnight safari is the perfect fit for you.

An overnight desert safari will amaze you with the breathtaking pleasures it can bring. It’s quiet, which will help replenish your soul and spark joys that you have never experienced before. It is the perfect way to give yourself some much-awaited and long-due me-time.

The Desert Sunset Is An Unforgettable Sight

If you have never seen a desert sunset, you are missing out on one of the greatest pleasures of life. You might have seen tons of pictures, but trust us when we tell you that the photos don’t even do half the justice to the actual sight. A live desert sunset is magnificent in its glory with its perfect blends of pink, orange, and purple, which will make you feel like you have stepped into a magical world.

Make Friends With Camels

Most people are intimidated by the large size of camels and think of them as scary animals. Little do they know that camels are pretty friendly and gentle. In an overnight desert safari, you get plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with camels, try camel riding, and experience the feels of the past where camels were used as a popular means of transportation. In the modern world, they are still used for traveling through deserts. So if you have ever had this fantasy of riding a camel as a child, you’re in luck!

Get Close To Nature

The majority believe that being closer to nature means going to the mountains or being surrounded by greenery. Let us tell you that being in a desert under a sky full of stars is one of the best feelings in the world that bring you closer to nature in more ways than one. If you are lucky and your excursion occurs on a full moon, then the sight you will witness is just out of this world. Calm, quiet, and serene of the desert, a moon sparkling brightly upon you is enough to wash all your sorrows away.

Experience An Adrenaline Rush Like Never Before

If you are an adventurous person and enjoy a kick of adrenaline, then we have got you covered as well. Apart from the soothing and calming experiences, an overnight safari also offers the thrills of sandboarding and dune bashing.

Dune bashing is the highlight for sports enthusiasts that involves riding in a four-wheeler over the desert dunes. If anything has the potential to be scary and exhilarating at the same time, it’s dune bashing.

Sandboarding is an extreme sport similar to snowboarding, where you ride across or down a dune while standing on a board. If you want to take it a step further, you can also practice sitting down or lying on the belly or back.

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