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5 Things To Do On An Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is generally the most preferred location to spend vacations. With brilliant infrastructure, extremely eye-catching resorts, villas, hotels, and shopping malls, this place is a paradise for tourists. Apart from enjoying all of that, your trip to Dubai will be considered incomplete if you don’t include a Desert adventure in your schedule.
Fortunately, the desert experience in Dubai is situated only about an hour’s drive away from the city. Since it is so close, the vast majority of people prefer spending their afternoons or evenings in the desert, making it a half-day trip. If you really want to enhance your experience over there, make sure you go on an overnight Desert safari in UAE.
Nothing comes close to spending a night in the desert; enjoying the fresh environment, surrounded by a vast expanse of sand with a sky full of stars above your head. Moreover, spending your night in the desert will allow you to enjoy various desert activities. Let’s discuss some good things you can do with D-E-S.

Camel Riding
Dubai Desert safari without an adventure on the back of a camel is incomplete. While you’re on it, make sure you experience the authentic and traditional Arab culture of riding a camel in the vast deserts, the way it has been for centuries. A lot of offers will offer you a complimentary camel ride, which will be done within the desert camp. This camel ride is different from the camel safari, which will bring you out of the camp, and in the vast desert that lies beyond. This can go on for around an hour or so and comes with extra cost.
With a knowledgeable and experienced guide, you will be able to enjoy the place all while comfortable riding on the back of a camel.

Enjoy The Sunset Picnic
After spending the entire day filled with great activities, enhance your experience with a lovely sunset picnic. With Us, you can have this private and customized picnic arranged for yourself with big fluffy floor cushions, refreshments; Arabic cuisines, Sheesha smoking, and other activities. You’ll see yourself as very minuscule amidst the vastness of the Dubai desert. With no buildings, no roads, infrastructure, and vehicles around, you will only be greeted with towering sand dunes in all directions with a backdrop of the sun setting in the sky.

Enjoy Several Performances
Once you return to your camp after the sunset, you will be entertained by various performances. One of the best things over here will be the brave performances of fire dancers who will be seen dancing and twirling while surrounded by flames of fire. Moreover, the Tanoura and belly dance will also be a great experience with dancers attired in colorful dresses doing spins and unique steps throughout the whole performance. Followed by these performances, you will also have a great buffet dinner, with a rich profusion of Arabic and European dishes.

Get a Henna Tattoo
To complete your experience of the desert safari in Dubai, make sure you get yourself a temporary henna tattoo, which is a traditional custom of the Arabs. You will have a great catalog of designs to choose from and have the expert tattoo makers draw it on your hands for a nominal fee.

Stargaze By The Campfire
Last but not the least, you can end your night by huddling around the campfire. This experience is even better if you choose to do it in the winter months, with the temperature dropping to 12 degrees Celsius at night. The desert temperature hits a sweltering 45+ degrees Celsius in the Summer months, which is quite unbearable, which is why we recommend that you plan your trip during winter.

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