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5 Things You Can Do In Abu Dhabi in 2023

2023 will be a year full of fun and surprises. Individuals across the world will be going to new places or traveling to new cities. Some of us might be planning some tours this summer or maybe somewhere in the fall. However, if you are that person who has places and destinations to visit on the bucket list. You must visit Abu Dhabi, check out some amazing places, and do some crazy stuff this year. You can continue with this blog, and you will learn some new things you can do in Abu Dhabi this year.

Visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:

The first on this list is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is the place that should be on your top priority list whenever you are visiting Abu Dhabi. The mosque is outstanding, and it looks amazing. It is the iconic destination of Abu Dhabi. You can click some photos here. This mosque is free to enter the spot, and it is open almost every time weekly. 

For individuals who want some stunning photographs, you must visit this place during the daytime golden hour and at night. The sunset will look magical. Moreover, the night views of this mosque are absolutely splendid. Speaking of night, you can have an overnight desert safari in Dubai; check us out.

Qasr Al Watan:

The second on this list is Qasr Al Watan. Qasr is an Arabic word that translates to ‘palace’. You will hear this word often whenever you are in Abu Dhabi. It means this place’s name translates to ‘Palace of the Nations.’ You can put this destination on your list because it is an ideal spot to visit. However, individuals going to this place should purchase their tickets online in advance or at the door. 

There’s a bus inside it where it takes you on a short tour of the palace. You can also walk around the massive courtyard before entering the place. What’s more interesting about this place is that it has some outstanding art pieces. For instance, you have seen a gold art piece on the internet. You will get to see that at this destination. 

Qasr Al-Hosn:

The third place on this list is Abu Dhabi’s Qasr Al-Hosn. It is as similar to Qasr Al Watan and is undoubtedly an ideal place to visit. It is basically a fort, one of the oldest stone buildings you can find in Abu Dhabi. 

This museum is centrally air-conditioned for visitors. You can have better indoor activities in this place. 

Emirates Palace:

If you are a coffee person or an ice cream, this place will be the right choice for you. Emirates Palace is an iconic landmark of Abu Dhabi. After the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, it is the second most iconic place in the city. Add this place to your bucket list. This world-famous and luxury 5-star hotel doesn’t require any tickets or anything. You can visit it for free. Roam around and explore it. Visitors can dine in from one of the cafés or restaurants.

We would recommend visiting the Le Cafe. You can find it on the ground floor, and you don’t need to make a reservation. Here you can order a variety of beverages, for instance, a Gold Cappuccino, Gold Matcha Latte, or Gold covered Ice Cream. This place will quench your thirst. 

Louvre Abu Dhabi:

Individuals think that Louvre is just Paris. How about we tell you that you can have the same experience in Abu Dhabi? Visit this place, and you will be stunned. The impressive architecture will surprise you, and you will love everything about this place. The views of the city’s skyline at night will be breathtaking. 

Final Thoughts:

Travelers who are thinking of visiting Abu Dhabi can do these things whenever they are in the city. These places will make your tour an amazing one. Visit the places that we have mentioned, and you will thank us for that.

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