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6 Things To Do in Hatta Dubai For an Amazing Trip

You might be here in Dubai to shop in some of the best malls of the world, enjoy in great adventure parks, make the most of the great hotels and restaurants, and enjoy the superb infrastructure of the city, but while you’re done doing all that, the best weekend getaway from Dubai is the Hatta mountain tours. Hatta is a place filled with some of the most aesthetic mountain ranges that have a very interesting and rich backstory. Along with the brilliant mountains, tourists from Europe and other countries often choose to come here for a pleasant change in the climate. Trip to Hatta mountain tour from Dubai is truly a wonderful escape away from the tough and hustling city life. Here we have shared some nice things you need to know before you plan your expedition to the Hatta, Dubai.

The Hatta Heritage Village

While you’re on your hatta tour, make sure you travel to the old Hatta heritage village. Stroll around this very old village in Dubai and hear the interesting ancient tales about it. Here in this village, you’ll get the opportunity to witness some very ancient watchtowers, mosques, and museums that have stood tall for centuries. The Hata heritage village was restored by the authorities in 2001, and it has a plethora of great artifacts like weapons and other instruments that give you a good insight into the glorious past.

Mountain Safari Through Hatta

The rugged ranges of Hatta are full of amazing scenic pitstops. You can start your adventure from the Wadi trails while traveling through the rocky terrain on your 4 wheel drive vehicle. While you ride along the mountain, the dried river beds will take you to the freshwater pools, which is a great experience. Dive into this blue freshwater of the pools under the sky roof and get rejuvenated.

Kayaking in The Hatta Dam

Up for some thrilling adventure? Rent a kayak from any nearby kiosk in the town and start sailing across Hatta Lake. You’ll witness nature in its finest shape and form here; including absolutely stunning sceneries, and spectacular species of birds along with fishes that live in the vicinity. You can also choose to go in a paddleboat if you prefer a rather peaceful ride.

Camp at The Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Center For The Night

While you’re at the Hatta mountains, make sure to make the most of this place’s amazing climate. You can do this by camping under the sky full of stars for the whole night. Reach your destination via a mountain bike while enjoying the landscaping desert views. During the night, sit with a bonfire and make memories that you’ll cherish for a long time.

Go Clamping in Hatta

The “trailer hotel” is new in this region, and from here you can camp along the banks of the Hatta Dam in the amazing Hatta Sedr trailers. However, if you choose to stay in the lodge, you can get a mountain lodge at the Hatta Damani lodges that have some very comfortable and furnished cabins nearby. Moreover, the uber boutique hotel called the Riad Hatta will offer you plunge pools, hammam, and spas as well.

Dip in The Green Hatta Rock Pools

The stunning rock pools of Hatta are situated in the valleys. This is a very famous destination for swimmers and people who love to be around water. You can enjoy a quick dip every now and then over here. The crystal clear waters in these pools are good enough to entice anyone from all across the world, as they are a buzzing picnic point for local and foreign visitors.

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