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Al Noor Island

A Self-Guided Tour To Al Noor Island

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is becoming a globally renowned hub of beautiful places perfect for tourism. Its mesmerizing natural beauty has its class which is greatly influenced by the different popular places and islands. The largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is a stunning combination of its Desert culture and an ultra-modern lifestyle that is uniquely its own, with distinctive architectural style and extravagant elegance. It is incomparable to any other city on the earth.

When talking about the beauty of the UAE, how can we forget the desert safari in Sharjah and the soul-refreshing tour to Al-Noor Island? Al-Noor is a natural island that lies at an astonishing position; in front of Al Majaz Waterfront on Khalid Lagoon. This Island has excellent value in the tourism industry due to its elegant charm and beauty.

Al Noor Island in Sharjah has become a well-liked place to visit for both residents and tourists who are eager to calm in the revitalizing environment of UAE. When you enter Noor Island in Sharjah, it feels like you’ve stepped into a whole new world filled with fascinating spots to visit.

Things To Remember In Self-Guided Tour To Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island in Sharjah will be the best choice if you plan to visit somewhere in the UAE this holiday. As this tour will be a self-guided tour where there will be no guide with you. Therefore, before packing your bags, booking your tickets, and landing there, let’s know some essential things about Al-Noor Island and look at some prominent spots on this gorgeous Island.

Nobody likes any kind of disruption during a visit somewhere for an outing. There are a few things about Al Noor Island that you must also keep in mind when traveling towards it.

  • Find a trusted tour package provider to have a safe journey. Fortunately, at Desert Evening Safari, you can get the best and most affordable packages for the desert tour and much
  • The time of the island on weekdays is 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, while 9:00 am to 12:00 am on
  • The number of visitors is limited to reduce crowds and rush moments. Therefore, be on time.
  • Since no one is specifically assigned for your guidance, you must follow the regulations and safety precautions prescribed by the island’s management.
  • However, some places accept credit or debit cards, but it will be a good practice to keep some cash in hand
  • During your stay, make a visiting plan for the island’s different places to have plenty of time to spend at each place and get the most out of
  • Keep only the most necessary items while wandering outside, on the island, and take care of your luggage at your own risk.

Best Places To Visit On Al-Noor Island, Sharjah.

However, the entire Al-Noor island is incomparably beautiful on its own. Still, several man-made spots augment the beauty of the Island. Some of them are listed below.

Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is a prominent place on this Island. Visiting this butterfly house is a must when you are in a different and astonishing world of Sharjah.

A glazing butterfly house and a café are covered by two intertwined, curved surfaces covered in golden flowers on the structure itself. Several medals have been given to the design, which is adorable and unique.

The structure of the building provides an ideal combination of sunlight and shelter, where different varieties of butterfly species are nurtured inside the building. The lovely butterflies flying around the house make this place more vital and soothing.


Nothing can be more enjoyable than being in pure nature. There are over 70,000 plants and trees on Al Noor Island near Sharjah. The island’s flora life has been thoughtfully chosen to produce distinctive and refreshing sceneries.

Literature Pavilion

The Literature Pavilion on Al Noor Island will undoubtedly arouse your innermost poet with its lively colors, comfortable seats, and poetry phrases written in lovely Arabic calligraphy. The elegant decor is just the start. As you enter the pavilion, the background sound of a fountain and the calming music will surround you in a dreamlike atmosphere.


People often plan visits and tours of several beautiful and enjoyable places as the holidays arrive. In such a case, no need to wander across the market in search of some good tour agencies. At D-E-S, you will find the best desert tour packages and guides.

One of the most recommended visits for your holiday is the desert safari in Sharjah. This spot is perfect for you! If you want to escape from the rush of the daily worldly routine and spend a soul-refreshing time with nature.

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