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Activities That Make Desert Safari Such A Memorable Experience

Dubai is best known for tourism and the activities that come with it. There are many ways to experience these activities. However, the best way to participate in memorable activities and learn the Emirati culture is through a  tour.

Desert tours are a quick way to enjoy some of the most amazing views, as you get to indulge in some of the activities Dubai is known for providing tourists. Here are some of the activities you get to enjoy on a desert tour.

Seeing the Desert sunrise

One of the admirable beauties of the desert is when the sun rises from the sand dunes, giving a golden moment for tourists. The sunrise provides a refreshing sight unlike any other that is relaxing and inspiring.

Sunrise in the desert is the part of desert adventure that you don’t want to miss out on at any cost because you don’t get the chance to experience these moments every day.

Bashing of dunes

Trailing in the dunes on a jeep or a hummer is one of the thrilling experiences in the safari tour. You can watch the sand rise and set down on the ground while sitting comfortably in the 4X4.

For all adventure seekers, dune bashing is one of the famous Dubai activities that you can’t miss, and its experience lasts for about half an hour which makes it worth your while.

Quad Biking

Riding an ATV is always fun because it doesn’t matter if you are riding it for the first time or if you have ridden it before, as the experience leaves you with adrenaline pumping. You can also take your ATV cruises on the horizon of the desert to explore and see the desert like never before.

Dune Buggy driving

Desert dune buggy in Dubai is one of the best experiences you can have. It features you riding on a single-seater or double-seater buggy designed hydro-dynamically and with a fully automatic transmission that will provide you the experience worth your money.


Watching the sunset in the desert is known to be an even more mesmerizing sight than watching the sunrise. Watching the sunset is an unforgettable experience. Therefore seeing it with your own eyes is a must-do activity in desert safari tours.

A whole night filled with entertainment

When dealing with a tour agency, you best pick the overnight safari package, as it ensures a fun-filled night with numerous activities. You will never get bored in Dubai, especially when you are on an overnight desert safari.

The safari tour features fun activities, including a bonfire, delicious cuisines, beverages, music, dance, and much more. There’s no other way to spend your nights participating in activities you will remember for a long time.


Dubai is the best place to spend your vacation, as it features sightseeing and adventurous activities that would make for a memorable time. If you don’t know much about Dubai, you must try the Desert safari.

It includes activities, like dune bashing, hummer rides, camel rides, food, dance, music, quad biking, and dune buggy safari in Dubai are names of just a few. However, if you don’t know the right place to book a desert tour, you better check out the official website of Desert Evening Safari.

We provide you with the best tour experience that you are most likely never to forget, as it comes with convenience, comfort, and customer satisfaction.

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