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All You Need To Know About Evening Desert Safari

All You Need To Know About Evening Desert Safari

Being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Dubai never fails to add the flavour of thrill to amaze all passionate travellers. The city literally has everything ready for its visitors; From lavish romantic luxury suites for honeymoon tours to astonishing landmarks for sightseeing holidays, its guaranteed that you’ll find the best of everything. Whether you’ve just shifted to Dubai, or you’re visiting to relax for a couple of days, you will surely get an experience of a lifetime. Especially for people fond of adventure and games, there can be no better destination than Dubai. This city will fascinate you with incredible adventure parks,  tall sky-scrapers, helicopter tours, hot air balloons, JetSkis,  and desert safari tours. Although everything is as astonishing as you can imagine, the evening desert trip in Dubai tops the chart when it comes to the most enjoyable things to do in Dubai. This desert journey will amaze you with all the sightseeing, entertaining games, events, and adventures that it offers. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about evening trip and why you must try it.

What Is A Desert Trip?

The evening desert tour starts in the afternoon. If you’ve selected a good company , you’ll be picked from your location before you’re taken to the desert location. The Desert Adventure starts with a dune bashing session that continues for 30 – 40 minutes. This unique experience will thrill you to your core and will be full of moments to remember.  You’ll love this adrenaline rushing adventure as the 4×4 dune buggy in Dubai deserts drifts on its way around the dune. After you’re done, you’ll be taken to the  Desert tour Camp, where multiple entertaining activities await you to make your adventure even better. These activities include belly dancing, star gazing, amazing henna paintings, sandboarding, camel riding, and much more. After all, as you’ll feel tired, you’ll get a soothing ambience to lie down under the night sky decorated with stars and enjoy the melodious Arabian music. This music is a completely unique taste for non-Arabs and cheers up the mood. Last but not least, you will be served a scrumptious and fulfilling dinner feast with an international BBQ. 

Things To Do:

Try Sand Skiing:

Sand skiing is a very popular and fun part of the desert safari. With a ski board, you will get to ski from the highest dunes, making your adrenaline rush and having a once in a lifetime experience. It may sound intimidating but there is nothing to fear as if you fall, the soft sand will catch you. It’s easy and everyone should try this thrilling activity in a desert tour. 

Try Camel Trekking:

Another popular activity in the desert is the camel trek. Camels are majestic desert creatures that have been used for riding for centuries. They allow you to experience the desert glory while they take you to the camp on their backs. You’ll enjoy the sunset while riding camels on the highest dunes on the way to your camp, where drinks and dinner await you.

Ride A Dune Buggy:

Throttling on a 4×4 dune buggy in Dubai tours through the desert is one of the best experiences life has to offer. This session will continue for 30 – 40 minutes and will thrill you to your core. You’ll have a unique experience that will be full of moments to remember.  You’ll love this adrenaline rushing adventure as your vehicle drifts on its way around the highest dunes,

Don’t Forget To Click Pictures:

You must keep a camera with you when going on a desert safari in Dubai. You’d never want to miss the astounding views of breathtaking sceneries. Capturing these moments will allow you to cherish those memories forever.

To Wrap Up:

With all these things aboard, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have fun on your trip. Feel free to pan through our professional services at affordable prices. Desert Evening Safari has the best packages for you, including all the benefits mentioned above. Call us now and get your trip booked to enjoy your Dubai trip to its fullest.

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