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Khor Fakkan Beach

All You Need To Know About Khorfakkan Tours

Khorfakkan is a popular tourist destination on the UAE’s east coast, along the Gulf of Oman. This town is best known for Khorfakkan Beach. This beach has a thriving coral reef, a testament to the government’s conservation efforts. Naturally, it has become a popular destination for marine life enthusiasts.

While this town is located in Sharjah, it is geographically surrounded by the emirate of Fujairah. So, when people make a list of things to do in Fujairah, the beautiful Khorfakkan beach is unavoidably included.

If you’re planning a Khorfakkan tour, this blog will tell you everything you should know. Let’s begin.

All About Khorfakkan Tours

Why Is Khorfakkan An Ideal Tourist Destination?

Khorfakkan is well-known for its natural beauty, which includes several beaches, lovely hotels and resorts, and an old Portuguese fort (built in the 16th century). The rocky Hajar Mountains are also visible in the background of Khorfakkan Beach. These rock formations are beautiful, rustic, and make for great photo ops due to natural wear and tear. Many Instagrammers showcase these breathtaking locations on their feeds, but seeing them up close is an entirely different experience.

Best Tourist Attractions In Khorfakkan Town

Al-Rafish Dam

The beautiful Al Rafisah Dam can be seen as you drive toward Khorfakkan on the new Sharjah-Khorfakkan highway. Despite being built in the 1980s, the dam has been renovated with a new visitor center and rest area and now attracts a large number of tourists.


Enjoy the tranquility of nature here, where a large, clear lake with boating facilities is surrounded by the magnificent Hajar mountains. This breathtaking landscape is formed by a sandstone mountain range that overlooks a pure azure water-reservoir with a serene green landscape, making it ideal for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Al Rabi Tower

You can hike to the top of Al Rabi Tower for panoramic views of Khorfakkan on one hand and the Gulf of Oman on the other. You’ll get a panoramic view of the entire area, with rugged mountain scenery and curved beaches.

This trek, rated as a beginner-level hike, is popular among adventure and nature enthusiasts of all ages. It is one of a few hiking trails in the UAE, located in Khor Fakkan, close to Fujairah.

Amphitheater Khor Fakkan

You’ll get to enjoy the magnificent and grand architecture of the Khorfakkan Amphitheater. This newly constructed architecture, inspired by Roman architecture, has now become a new iconic landmark of this area. This amphitheater is over 1700m square in size and can seat over 3500 people.

It was built with a cutting-edge cooling system, making it an ideal outdoor venue for upcoming events. Sharjah’s Big Bus also stops here. As this amphitheater faces the beach on the opposite side of the road, there is plenty of parking.


Waterfall at Khor Fakkan

From the top of a natural rocky mountain, a magnificent 45m-high waterfall flows down next to the amphitheater. Although man-made, the waterfall was carved out of natural rock and is illuminated at night. Both the amphitheater and the waterfall overlook Khorfakkan’s glimmering bay, so visitors can stroll along the beach before watching a spectacular show.

Khorfakkan Beach Activities

Khorfakkan Beach offers a wide range of activities. The region’s many small islands make it ideal for diving, snorkeling, and other water sports. You can book the entire experience in advance with tour companies such as Desert Evening Safari.

You can also rent a small boat from Khorfakkan Beach to get to the various islands. Snorkels, fins, and masks are available for rent from local vendors. You can also inquire about Khorfakkan Beach from the vendors. They are always welcoming to visitors.

Many smaller islands and ocean spots are well-known for diving and snorkeling. Prior behavior can be used to predict marine life patterns. So, if you ask the local experts in the area, they can tell you where you’re likely to see a particular type of fish, ray, turtle, and so on. Your diving skills can also be tested due to the depth and difficulty of navigation.

To Wrap Up:

Overall, a Khorfakkan tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can provide an incredible experience. It has a lot of activities to offer, all of which are ideal for nature lovers, especially the Khorfakkan waterfalls and beaches. We can provide you with a tour package to Khorfakkan if you are looking for one.

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