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Choosing Between Morning and Evening Desert Safari

Known as one the best tourist destinations in the world, Dubai never ceases to add flavors to amaze all the passionate travelers pouring in from all around the world. The city encapsulates literally everything; whether you’re here to spend a romantic honeymoon tour, a holiday for sightseeing, or just to relax for a couple of days. No matter what your plans may be, you will definitely get the best of everything here.
For people who have a penchant for adventure and games, Dubai is the place to be. The city has some incredible adventure parks, along with tall sky-scrapers that allow great opportunities for the base jump. Things like helicopter tours, hot air balloons, JetSki, and snowboarding are some of the things you’ll get to do over here. However, the most popular and the best of all is the evening desert safari Dubai. This exciting journey to the deserts includes all the sightseeing, entertaining games, events, and adventures that you’ll never forget.

Best Things about Desert Safari
Dune Bashing
Get ready for a crazy ride over the dunes. You’re in for a roller coaster-like ride on the sand dunes of the Dubai desert while riding in a luxury SUV driven by a highly skilled driver. Dune bashing is all about hopping up and down the dunes at high speed. This journey will go on for about half an hour and the driver will take a few stops in between for you to take photos if you wish to.

If you’re up for some rough sports, get on the sandboard and enjoy the great thrill. You don’t have to be a pro to do this, as even newbies can try this sport because tour is safe for all kinds of adventures. You just have to strap the sandboard on your feet and start gliding over the dunes.

Belly Dance and Tanoura Dance
Dubai is known for its great belly dancers. If you like seeing a worthy performance, head over to the desert safari to witness one of the best belly dances in the world. Women with excellent flexibility and skills will showcase their skillset and spice up the show using various colorful props like veils, wings, and much more. Moreover, the Egyptian folk dance performed by men is known as the Tanoura. This happens to be one of the most entertaining performances with men spinning around the whole time wearing a multi-colored skirt that has unique patterns and LED lights.

Morning Tour
The best way to kick start your day in Dubai is to head over for a desert safari at 9 am in morning. The driver will pick you up from your place and take you to the deserts. All the great adventures will unveil as you reach the red dunes, ranging from camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, and you can also enjoy cold drinks. This does not include food and trip to the Bedouin camps or any other entertainment programs. The morning plan is filled with adventurous activities and is shorter as compared to the evening option. It must also be noted that it can be extremely unpleasant in the summer months.

Evening Tour
The Dubai Evening Safari is a fun-packed voyage to the desert where you’ll have lots of adventure, great entertainment, and ends with scrumptious food. Along with all the dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and quad biking, the Evening tour will allow you to witness the brilliant sunset in the desert. Bring your cameras along to take wonderful pictures as the sun hides behind the red dunes in the backdrop. This desert trip in the evening continues with a trip to Bedouin camps in the night, where you try out authentic Arabic delights, shisha smoking, henna tattooing, and some great souvenirs. The program ends with great shows like Tanoura dance, belly dances, and fire shows.

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