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Desert Wildlife: What Animals Can You Spot During an Evening Safari?

Are you an animal lover excited to see everything that the Dubai desert has to offer? These barren landscapes may seem devoid of any lifeform during the heated daylight hours, but as the sun goes down, a new world full of nocturnal creatures is suddenly brought to life.

From the usual desert species like camels to evasive desert foxes, the majestic Arabian oryx, and various species of desert hare, these sands are home to a diverse selection of wildlife that has evolved to thrive in the harshest desert environment. Let’s take a closer look at the different kinds of fascinating creatures you can encounter during an overnight safari in the UAE desert!

Wild Animals You May Spot in the UAE Desert

Following is a list of the top four creatures you should look out for when going on a desert safari in the UAE:

1.    Camels

The famous ships of the desert, camels, hold a special place when it comes to desert ecosystems. These resilient animals have not only perfected the art in the hearts of desert dwellers and visitors alike. These magnificent desert creatures have played a vital role in the survival of Bedouin communities for centuries.

With their distinctive humps, long eyelashes, and padded feet, camels are perfectly adapted to traverse the sandy terrain of the desert. Beyond serving as a means of transportation, camels provide milk, meat, and wool, making them invaluable companions on a journey across the desert. Keep your eyes open for these magnificent creatures as they gracefully move across the dunes, embodying the resilience and adaptability crucial for desert life.

You likely will not have to look far to find these creatures, as camel riding will be included in your Desert Evening Safari package. Expert camel handlers are available to not only introduce you to the ships of the desert but also to help you see the desert through the eyes of a Bedouin traveler.

2.    Desert Hares

The desert hares, with their large ears and swift movements, are a common sight in the evening desert landscape. These elusive creatures are quite proficient at blending into their surroundings, using their sand-colored fur to camouflage themselves from predators.

They have powerful hind legs and can bound across the desert sands at impressive speeds, foraging for food in the moonlit night. You can encounter these beautiful nocturnal hares as you have dinner in the desert.

3.    Desert Foxes

If you venture deeper into the desert, you may also encounter a desert fox, the master of adaptation in this unforgiving landscape. These agile predators, just like their forest counterparts, have honed their hunting skills to perfection. They prey on small rodents and insects under the cover of darkness.

The desert foxes have keen senses and remarkable agility, allowing them to navigate the dunes and blend into their surroundings with ease. These foxes are nocturnal creatures and the natural predators of desert hares and some mice, having honed their resourcefulness and ability to thrive in the harshest of conditions. You spot one of these wondrous desert predators darting across the sand as they begin their hunt for the night.

4.    Arabian Oryx

One of the most iconic symbols of desert wildlife is the Arabian oryx, a majestic antelope renowned for its graceful beauty and remarkable resilience. These elegant creatures were once on the brink of extinction but have since had a remarkable comeback thanks to conservation efforts in the UAE.

They have pristine white coats and elegant horns, and spotting a herd of these magnificent creatures roaming the desert plains is a truly awe-inspiring sight. Just like the desert foxes and hares, these oryx are also fond of forages for plants at night, but if you are lucky, they can sometimes be spotted in the cool desert evening.

How to Spot Wild Animals in the Desert?

Spotting wildlife during an evening safari in the UAE desert requires patience, keen observation, and respect for their natural habitat. As you embark on your desert adventure, consider the following tips to enhance your wildlife viewing experience:

1.    Be Patient

Aside from a lovely camel ride, wildlife sightings during a desert safari are not guaranteed, so try to remain patient and be attentive to your surroundings.

2.    Use Night Vision Equipment

As aforementioned, most desert wildlife tends to be nocturnal and only comes out during the night. Therefore, you need to pack some night vision goggles along with some other desert essentials. These will aid in increasing your chances of spotting nocturnal creatures in the darkness.

3.    Minimize Disturbances

Another important thing to remember is to maintain a respectful distance from desert wildlife to avoid disturbing their natural behavior. Keep in mind all of these creatures are wild animals and may become agitated enough to attack, so it is important that you do not bother them in any way.

4.    Listen for Signs

You can also pay attention to the sounds of rustling bushes or any other form of sound that could be counted as a nocturnal call, as they may indicate the presence of nearby animals.

5.    Stay Alert

Keep your flashlight close by and scan the horizon for movement. Since many desert creatures stay active during the cooler nighttime hours, being alert may double your chances of seeing them.

To Wrap Up

A desert safari in the UAE offers a unique opportunity for Dubai desert wildlife spotting and immersing yourself in the beauty of nocturnal wildlife. From the iconic camels and elusive desert hares to the agile foxes and majestic Arabian oryx, each encounter can be the perfect way to get a glimpse into the wilderness of the desert.

As you witness the adaptability of these animals in the desert, you can marvel at the resilience of life and how it can thrive in even the most barren of places. If you wish to catch a glimpse of wildlife in the UAE desert, you can book a nighttime desert safari adventure with Desert Evening Safari. Our evening camel rides and live barbecue dinner in the Dubai desert give you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the natural side of the desert!

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