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Museum of the future in Dubai

Everything You Need To Know About The Museum of the Future

When talking about the world’s famous landmarks and museums, The Museum of the Future has become prominent. You may have seen several beautiful museums before but this place has an edge with many future-oriented technologies.

The Dubai government made so many things possible that can be imagined only as a dream. All came to happen with their wise utilization of technologies and back-to-back innovations with great ideas. The Museum of the Future is one live example of it.

If you go for the Dubai city tour, you cannot resist visiting this mesmerizing museum. This place is something beyond just a museum keeping the historical stuff inside.

This museum has many factors which make it stand as the top standard museum throughout the globe. Let’s go through everything you need to know about the Museum of the Future.

Prime Location Of The Museum

This spectacular landmark is present near the Emirates Towers.  Due to the presence of this museum, Dubai city grabbed the entire world’s attention towards it. This gorgeous landmark is the best place to visit for both residents of Dubai and overseas people.

Who Built This Museum?

Since the entire project was something beyond ordinary, its construction plans and the overall complex structure were designed, modified, and completed by the top architecture designers. The design of this futuristic museum was made by Killa Design Architecture Studio, while Buro Happold engineered it.

Construction Timeline

For six years, this gleaming silver monument was under construction. It is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s major roadway, and locals and tourists have curiously followed every process stage. When the metal plates, covered in calligraphy, were added, the geometric skeleton started to take shape.

Opening Of Museum Of The Future

On February 22, 2022, The Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum officially opened the doors to the world’s first Museum of the Future. The museum has already been ranked among the top 14 museums worldwide.

How Big Is The Museum?

This uniquely designed Museum has a large surface area of 30 thousand sq. meters which is 77 meters high. The Museum of the Future has seven storeys with high-tech, operational and safety management at each storey.

Several floors at the Museum of the Future are devoted to various experiences. There are three floors with immersive installations highlighting the future of ecosystem development, biotechnology, health, and wellbeing, as well as the use of resources from space.

Another floor includes near-future technology that aims to change the world by tackling health, water, food, transportation, and energy problems.

The final floor is devoted to the children, encouraging them to discover the world and overcome obstacles on their terms to become our “future heroes.”

The Unmatchable Design

The framework serves as the primary support, and the building is based on a diagrid framework. The interior is free from any form of pillars. Killa wanted it to be at the cutting edge of technology in terms of constructability.

To cut the 1,024 panels, the engineers used Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, each containing several kilobytes of data for the building’s exterior, and every one of those panels is unique.

New parametric modeling technologies and building algorithms were also designed to create the ideal form and distinctive covering and tackle specific design issues.

Full Of Technologies

The Machinic Life emphasized the true potential of sentient machines and how they may enhance human relationships, resolve complex socio economic problems, and open up opportunities for AI and human enhancement. The Exhibition received overwhelmingly positive reviews worldwide, with particular attention paid to the coexistence and interaction of people and robots.

The Human 2.0 Exhibition

The most current exhibition at the museum, Human 2.0, imagines a world in which people and machines live in perfect alignment and explores how the human body and brain might collaborate to accomplish things that were once thought to be unachievable. In essence, this idea addresses the possibility of humans overcoming the constraints of their brains and body.

Final Thoughts

These were crucial factors for the Museum of Future. It has a worldwide reputation. It was built using advanced technologies, setting it apart from other well-known structures and monuments. All the qualities of this museum are undefinable.

Having a Dubai city tour is incomplete without visiting this overwhelming beauty. Going with your children would be the best choice as the museum has a fantastic kids’ area. Get in touch with the team of Desert Evening Safari to get a Dubai tour, and witness this marvelous piece of architecture yourself.

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