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Five Reasons To Visit Dubai

Five Reasons To Visit Dubai

Dubai is not just a modern city with tall buildings and a modern outlook, there is a lot more to this city than that. With a growing population and a rapidly quickening pace in the tourism industry, Dubai is definitely a country to visit. Your bucket list deserves the addition of this city which offers a wide range of experiences.

If you are planning to visit Dubai but are confused and having second thoughts thinking that Dubai doesn’t have a lot to offer, here are a few reasons to consider.

Diverse Culture

Initially, Dubai was an uncivilized place near Dubai Creek. After large oil reserves were explored in Dubai, the Sheilkh of that time started transforming the city to build ports, buildings and convert it into a commercial hub.

Dubai was then populated by foreigners visiting the country for business and employment purposes. As time progressed, it turned out of to become a city full of people belonging to different nationalities. When someone visits Dubai, they are sure to come across Indians, Americans, Turks, Russians, Africans and people belonging to various other nationalities. This will allow the exploration of multiple cultures at the same time.

Adventure in the Mountains

A weekend escape can be planned at Hatta situated about 2-hour drive from Dubai. A cable-driven mountain railway, beach and lake views may all be experienced in a Hatta wadi tour.

Hatta is located near the border of Oman and is called as the mountainous sister of Dubai. So if you visit Dubai, there is a good chance of being able to explore natural sights and mountainous valleys. We specifically recommend a Hatta mountain tour to add natural elements and beauty to your Dubai tour.

Ethnic Old Dubai

Old Dubai is situated around the Dubai Creek, offering genuine old Dubai vibes. Spices and clothing being sold by roadsides by souqs can still be seen in some places. Diera Grand Souq and indoor gold souq provide an opportunity to buy beautifully crafted ethnic material and clothing. Tea houses and Dubai museums may bring a hint of historical outlook into your Dubai tour.

Brilliant Architecture

The tallest building in the world going by the name of Burj Khalifa, is situated in Dubai. The architectural efficiency of Dubai is praise-worthy and continuous modernization has flipped the outlook of this city.

Many famous buildings are situated in Dubai featuring striking and uniquely shaped architecture. The island of Jumeirah looks so beautiful due to its palm-shaped appearance and Burj Al Arab sitting on top of it is a sight to not miss out on.

Deserts Safaris

The Arabian Desert can be visited by taking a day trip to Abu Dhabi. However, if you are not willing to take the drive, there are several deserts in Dubai itself which you can visit to expand your experience. Wear a turban and ride a camel for a true Arabic experience.

Hummer desert safari, as well as morning and evening safari deals, are offered by several tour guides like Desert Evening Safari to provide breathtaking views of orange dunes. A short hike at fossil rock and an alluring sunrise can be seen in a day tour of safari. Night or evening safari experiences usually contain belly dances, henna tattoos and a nice fancy dinner on a mat over the soft desert sand.

That being said, Dubai is definitely worth a visit. Add it to your 2021 bucket list to get versatility in experiences during your tour. When you visit Dubai, you don’t only explore a single country but multitudes because of the diverse nature of its population. A Hatta tour is highly recommended when planning a visit. Great packages for desert and mountainous valley tours are available at D.E.S.

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