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Four Essential Safety Tips to Follow During Dune Buggy Tours

Dune buggy tours are great for anyone who wants to experience extreme adrenaline. These tours are popular around the world and companies like D-E-S, are one of the best options for you. They are skilled at hosting hummer desert safari and other exotic vehicles for your safaris. We understand that desert adventures are fun but something that most people miss is that they can be dangerous as well.

You wouldn’t want to be injured on a vacation or see a loved one getting hurt. There are plenty of companies that offer these services but not all of them are reliable. We, genuinely care about you therefore we are here to assist you with everything necessary for your safety.

Safety Tips For Dune Buggy Tours

We have lined out essential safety tips to follow on your next dune buggy tour. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Wear Helmets and Buggy Outfits

Wearing a helmet can be irritating but it is still essential. If you have been on a dune ride before then you must know that it is full of bumps, twists and turns. The experience is amazing but can jolt your body that might hurt you. Therefore, you must wear a helmet at all times. These dune buggy helmets are designed with reinforced material to ensure that you stay protected throughout the ride.

The buggy outfits are paired to tackle sand and dirt which might spoil your clothes or your vision during the ride. You could also injure your eye if you spend too much time in the sand and the protective gear helps against that. We understand that your first instincts will you that you do not need this safety equipment but it is still best to be on the safer side.

Consider Travel Insurance

Life can be unpredictable and you never know when you might encounter trouble. It is best to play it safe and opt for travel insurance. These travel insurance might not be able to save you from incidents but will still keep you financially secure. You can free-mindedly go on dune buggy trips without worrying about injuries if you are financially covered.

These companies can help you cater to these damages and get the best possible treatment available. They will not only pay for your health bills but also for any damages that you encounter.

Ensure your buggy is well maintained

You would not want to ride in a vehicle that is not fit. You are most likely to have accidents with your dune buggy rides if your vehicle is not fit, to begin with. There are plenty of buggy options that you choose from but it is still important to be vigilant that the vehicle you choose is maintained in every regard.

One of the easiest ways to cater to this problem is to identify the problems with a test drive. A bumpy or unsmooth ride may be one of the greatest indicators that your buggy is damaged. So always remember to proceed with caution.

Additional Precautions

There are a few other things that you still might want to consider when you go on a dune buggy trip. You should be hydrated and ready to stand the heat. Applying sunblock or other protective products might also help you make most of your dune buggy trip without worrying about hurting yourself.


Safety comes first when it is regarding dune buggy rides. We also suggest contacting services like Desert Evening Safari if you want to have a safe ride for yourself and your loved ones. Make sure to let us know about your experience right after it as your satisfaction matters to us. We are also famous for our desert safari Dubai tours

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