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Lost Chambers Aquarium

Know All About Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai

Dubai is becoming a significant tourist destination. There are a plethora of amazing places to visit, but here, we will particularly talk about The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is popular amongst people of all ages. The aquarium is the most important interactive educational place in the region and is situated in one of the most renowned skyscrapers in Dubai – Atlantis, The Palm.

The location gets its name from the ancient Atlantis lost civilization. Here, you will be introduced to the lost history of this city, and a mammoth amount of different aquatic species. Moreover, several exhibitions happen frequently where you can engage with marine life in a much better way.

Tips For Visiting Lost Chambers Aquarium

The opening hours of the Lost Chambers Aquarium may vary from show to show because various activities are scheduled for multiple times of the day.

The aquarium has a scheduled time i.e. 10:00 am to 9:00 pm each day. Therefore, it is advised to be punctual. Spending 3 to 4 hours is enough to have a wonderful tour of this fantastic aquarium.

It is also recommended to try out the Predator dive, Atlantis dive discover, Interactive aqua theater show, Touch tank, and ambassador lagoon.

What Makes It Unique?

Around 65,000 aquatic animals are housed in over 21 aquariums at the Lost Chambers Aquarium in the Atlantis Hotel, which was built to resemble the lost city of Atlantis. View a variety of fishes, including albino alligators and even sharks, lobsters, jellyfish, and seahorses!

The aquarium offers a variety of activities, such as a backstage tour where you may hear from on-site professionals about some hidden, deep mysteries of the water. In addition to the underwater observatory, the “Touch Tank” offers the chance to touch and hold some animals, like starfish and sea urchins, for a more engaging experience.

What About The Tickets?

You can purchase the Tickets for the Dubai Lost Chambers Aquarium in person at the gate or online. Several advantages of buying tickets online include:

●       Special savings

The main benefit of purchasing tickets online is the opportunity to save up to 20% on every booking! Plus, you get an extra 5% credit after your verified reservation.

●       Avoiding the line

Due to the aquarium’s extreme fame, people expect that they have to wait in lengthy lines to purchase their tickets. Online ticket purchases allow you to save time. You can schedule your day in advance and select the best time to visit.

In addition to the aquarium, Atlantis is home to the Aqua venture Waterpark, a popular tourist destination. Enjoy a fantastic day by purchasing inexpensive combo tickets to both.

Take Care Of A Few Things

Try visiting the aquarium early in the day. Visiting earlier can help you avoid the crowds that seek to rise in the evening.

There will be numerous possibilities to take beautiful pictures, so always have a camera.

As there will be some walking involved, dress accordingly. With over 21 aquariums and shelters, the aquarium itself is massive.

Try going to the Ambassador Lagoon feeding times. It’s a must-do activity since you can see the animals having fed in the water. Ask the front desk when the meals will be served.

Buy a combo ticket for the Lost Chambers Aquarium and Aqua venture Waterpark to get the best of your day. If you decide to visit the waterpark, be sure to bring the proper swimwear.

Visit Aquaventure and participate in the renowned “Shark Safari” for a memorable experience. If you ask for any cancellation or reschedule more than 24 hours before the start of your adventure, we’ll handle it for no extra cost.


You can now reserve the aquarium for your preferred special events, dinner parties, or promotional events. Nothing is better than having a house party under glass tunnels surrounded by marine life.  Your careful planning and commitment will undoubtedly leave your guests perplexed by this fantastic location.

The aquarium offers a lot more than just seeing fish tanks; however, these additional features come at an additional expense. You can choose from shark safaris, shark nights, predator dives, ray feeding, snorkeling, and a lot more.

After having an amazing day seeing marine life, you can also catch sight of the deserts by choosing a desert safari in Dubai. Get in touch with the team of Desert Evening Safari, and we will guide you accordingly about it.

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