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Let's Explore Safari Adventure Across Various Weather Conditions

Let’s Explore Safari Adventure Across Various Weather Conditions

Dubai, known for its modern architecture and vibrant city life, also has an awe-inspiring natural blessing – the desert. People travel from different parts of the world to Dubai for a memorable adventure in the vast expanse of sand dunes. 

This blog will take you through a safari adventure across various weather conditions and essential tips to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable.

Seasons of Dubai

Dubai experiences primarily two seasons – summer and winter. Summer, which lasts from June to September, is characterized by scorching temperatures that can reach up to 41°C (106°F). If you talk about winter, it spans from November to February, providing relatively pleasant temperatures with daytime highs of around 31°C (88°F). The winter season is considered the best time for Dubai Desert Safari

Understanding the Desert’s Temperature Variation:

The desert’s sand tends to cool off without the sun’s direct heat due to cooler temperatures at night. Similar to walking on a beach at night, where the sand feels cooler underfoot, the desert sand releases its stored heat once the sun sets. Furthermore, the absence of water and vegetation in the desert limits heat retention and photosynthesis, contributing to cooler nighttime temperatures.

Weather Conditions and Desert Safari: Tips for Every Season

If you are planning a desert adventure in Dubai, it’s essential to consider the weather conditions to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Each season brings its own unique characteristics to the desert landscape. Here are some tips for desert safaris in different seasons:

Desert Safari in Winter

Winter in the desert brings milder temperatures, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities. 

Morning Safari:

If you want to have the greatest safari experience ever, start your day early in winter. This timing allows you to complete activities before the sun’s heat becomes unbearable. The morning hours offer a pleasant temperature and a serene atmosphere as the desert wakes up.

Evening Safari:

Consider an evening safari, which begins in the early evening. You’ll have the opportunity to witness a beautiful sunset against the desert backdrop. You can enjoy the activities and cooler temperatures as the day cools down.

Overnight Safari:

For a unique experience, opt for an overnight safari. The desert weather becomes chilly as night falls, providing a different ambiance. You can stargaze, enjoy a traditional campfire, and experience the tranquility of the desert under the moonlight.

Tips for Desert Safari Winters

To make the most of your luxury desert adventure in Dubai, follow these tips:

Dress Appropriately:

Wear light-colored cotton clothes that allow your skin to breathe and keep you cool in the desert heat. Layering is key, as the temperature may vary throughout the day and night.

Bring a Light Jacket: 

Even though the days may be warm, evenings in the desert can get chilly, especially during winter. Carrying a light jacket or shawl will keep you comfortable as temperatures drop after sunset.

Pack Warm Clothing for Overnight Safaris:

If you plan to stay overnight in the desert during winter, it’s advisable to bring heavier woolens to keep warm during the cooler night hours. Don’t forget to pack warm socks and a hat for added comfort.

Stay Hydrated: 

Even in winter, drinking plenty of water is important, especially in the dry desert climate. Carry a water bottle with you and ensure you have access to clean drinking water throughout your safari.

Apply Sunscreen:

Although the winter sun may not feel as intense, protecting your skin from its rays is essential. Apply a good sunscreen with a high SPF to prevent sunburn and skin damage.

Wear a Hat and Sunglasses: 

Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. These accessories provide additional protection for your face and eyes.

Opt for Comfortable Footwear: 

Choose comfortable and sturdy footwear, such as closed-toe shoes or boots, for walking on desert terrain. This will help prevent sand from irritating your feet.

Desert Safari in Summer:

Summer in the desert brings scorching temperatures, making it essential to plan your safari accordingly. Follow these tips for a comfortable experience:

Evening Safari

Due to the intense heat, most desert safari companies do not offer morning safaris during summer. Instead, you can opt for an evening safari that commences early in the evening when the temperature is relatively cooler. This timing allows you to enjoy activities before reaching the desert camp, where the temperature begins to cool down further as sunset approaches.

Overnight Safari: 

If you prefer a longer experience, an overnight desert adventure in Dubai is still possible in the summer. The desert temperature during the night can be around 7°C lower than the city’s temperature, providing some relief from the heat.

Some Tips for Safari Adventure in Summers

To stay comfortable during a summer desert safari, keep these tips in mind:

Dress Lightly: 

Dress in light, loose-fitting clothing made of breathable fabrics like cotton. Light colors help reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cooler.

Stay Hydrated: 

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in the desert’s dry climate. Carry a water bottle with you and ensure you have access to clean drinking water throughout your safari.

Protect Yourself from the Sun: 

Apply a generous amount of sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Reapply regularly, especially after activities involving water or excessive sweating.

Wear a Hat and Sunglasses: 

Shield yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face, neck, and ears. Wear sunglasses with UV protection to safeguard your eyes from the intense sunlight.

Opt for Lightweight and Breathable Footwear: 

Choose comfortable and breathable footwear, such as sandals or lightweight hiking shoes, to navigate the desert terrain. Avoid open-toed shoes to prevent sand from irritating your feet.

Seek Shade and Take Breaks: 

During the hottest parts of the day, seek shade whenever possible. Take regular breaks to rest and cool down. Avoid overexertion and listen to your body’s signals.

Desert Safari in Autumn and Spring:

Autumn and spring offer pleasant weather conditions for desert safaris, with temperatures ranging from mild to warm. Here are some tips for safaris during these seasons:

Choose Any Safari Timing: 

During autumn and spring, you have more flexibility in choosing safari timings. You can opt for morning, evening, or overnight safaris based on your preference.

Dress Comfortably: 

Wear comfortable and breathable clothing suitable for the current temperature. Layering is still advisable, as the weather may change throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated: 

Even in milder temperatures, it’s important to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you and ensure access to clean drinking water.

Protect from the Sun: 

Apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, as they can still be strong during autumn and spring.

Enjoy the Mild Climate: 

During these seasons, the desert offers pleasant temperatures, allowing you to enjoy various activities without extreme heat or cold. Embrace the beauty of the desert landscape and make the most of your safari experience.

Remember, weather conditions can vary, so it’s always a good idea to check the local forecast and consult with your safari provider for any specific recommendations or updates regarding the weather and safety precautions. By considering the weather conditions and following these tips, you can have a comfortable and enjoyable desert safari experience throughout the year.

Best Time for Desert Safari in Dubai:

What would be better than a mild-day desert adventure in Dubai? The winter season is commonly regarded as the best time for a desert safari in Dubai due to its milder temperature. However, it’s important to note that the desert’s weather can vary slightly from the city. The desert tends to have slightly lower evening temperatures than the city, even during the summer months. This makes it possible to enjoy a desert safari throughout the year.

Factors to Consider to Choose the Best Time for a Safari Adventure 

There are several factors you should take into consideration to choose the right time for your safari adventure. Here are the top five: 

When the sun rises and Sets: If you are a photography enthusiast. The sunrise and sunset can have an impact on your trip as they play a major role in the temperature of the desert and the colors you’ll witness. 

Availability of activities: You’ll carefully have to check the time of your desired activity as some activities are only allowed at certain times of the day.

Temperature: You must choose a time when the temperature is comfortable. 


Wrap up!

Desert Safari in Dubai is a remarkable experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the desert landscape. While winter is considered the best time for a desert safari due to its milder temperatures, you can enjoy the desert adventure in Dubai in every season.

Understanding Dubai’s seasons, selecting the appropriate safari timings, and following essential tips can ensure a comfortable and memorable desert safari experience. So, prepare for an unforgettable journey and embrace the wonders of the Dubai desert with Desert Evening Safari, your trusted partner to take you through the sand dunes.

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