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Make Your Desert Safari Experience Memorable Following These Dos And Don’ts

Make Your Desert Safari Experience Memorable Following These Dos And Don’ts

UAE, being a tourist hub of the world, has a lot to offer along with its luxurious and lavish lifestyle. When you think of visiting the UAE, you can just not imagine it without going to a desert trip. Although Dubai has a lot of tourist attractions, if you miss a desert trip, you’re going to miss the true essence of Arabian culture. From dune bashing to camel trekking and sand skiing, this journey will be full of memorable experiences and thrilling moments. All you have to do is to get your trip booked by a reputed company and leave the rest on them. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind for the best experience. Here is a list of some dos and don’ts:

Carry Motion Sickness Medicine:

Desert Trip is full of adrenaline-rushing activities like dune bashing, sand skiing etc. Considering how adventurous the trip is going to be,  it’s wiser if you keep some medicine handy if you have motion sickness. Many people forget this in excitement and suffer from nausea and other symptoms during or after their trip. The company you’re going with might provide you with first aid, but it’s wiser to keep your own set of medication and remedies that suit you best.

Avoid Bringing Useless Stuff:

It’s natural to be excited about a trip, especially an experience like a desert adventure.  In this excitement, most people pack useless things with them that barely are of any use during the trip. Some examples can be pillows, blankets etc. This extra weight will only become a burden on you and a hurdle for you to enjoy the trip fully. If you’re travelling with a good company, you’ll be provided with all the useful things and amenities.

Avoid Overeating Before The Trip:

Considering that you’ll be travelling in speedy buggies and SUVs like hummer in desert safari, it’s recommended that your stomach is not full. Also, the typical activities of desert adventure are thrilling and can get bumpy. A full stomach can get disturbed with all that motion and cause complications like nausea and vomiting. It’s ideal that you eat at least one hour before leaving for the desert safari, so the food gets digested. 

Do Not Wear Extra Clothes:

When going on a desert adventure, people feel intimidated by the idea of being tortured by constant desert winds. As a reaction to their natural fear,  most tourists bring a suitcase full of inner shirts and jackets and layer up themselves with a lot of clothes. Although it seems to be a practical thing to do, apparently, the reality is contrary. The reason for this is that your desert safari will mainly include walking and constant moving. If you’re wearing too many clothes or carrying a heavy suitcase, this will not only become difficult for you but will look absurd. In addition to this, the deserts can sometimes heat up to scorching temperatures, so it’s highly recommended that you wear light outfits and footwear. 

Stay Hydrated:

The adventurous activities and thrilling motion can cause a lot of sweating; therefore, it is recommended that you stay hydrated. This is also important because the temperature in deserts is higher than what you might be used to. This can cause excessive moisture loss and dehydration. Drink water every once in a while but remember not to drink when you feel shortness of breath.

Listen To Your Instructor:

Most people get carried away in the excitement and end up compromising their safety. You should never forget that nothing comes before your safety. It’s not wise to overlook the instructions given to you. Especially while dune bashing, which is a dangerous activity that can be perilous if you have a child’s company. So it’s suggested that you take part in adventurous activities with the guidance of your instructor and leave any action that you’re not fit for.

To Wrap Up:

Although there are many more tips to stay safe and make your experience memorable, these essential tips are enough to get you ready. If you choose Desert Evening Safari, you’ll get the most versatile and exciting deals in Dubai. Also, we provide you with the best dune buggies and luxurious SUVs like Hummer for desert safari. With us, entertainment and thrill are guaranteed.

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