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Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Marina Dhow Cruise and Creek Dhow Cruise: Which One Is Best

Every individual needs vacations from their hectic schedules to relax and unwind. During the holidays, you feel relaxed, and there’s no stress about anything. There’s a dhow cruise activity in Dubai, which is available on both destinations, Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. Before you get into the reservation phase, knowing about these two spots is vital. Keep going on with this blog, and you will get to know about it.

Dhow Cruise In Dubai

The very first thing that came into your mind was, ‘what’s dhow cruise?’. Well, it’s a trip on a traditional dhow that has now been transformed into a restaurant. Arabic dhow vessels were used for transport in the past days. However, the wooden dhow vessels usually have upper and lower decks. It looks outstanding for turning it into a fine dining restaurant. This comes with an old-world charm and a reflection on the Bedouin culture that existed in the past. When sailing in this along the coast of Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina, you will be munching on delicious Arabic or international food. 

People who are on-board on the cruise will get to hear soulful music as well as you will be able to see the fantastic Tanura dance, which a professional will perform. A dhow cruise is an ultimate way to relax and learn more about Arabic culture and hospitality. 

Dubai Marina Vs. Dubai Creek

You will find dhow cruises on the Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. These two prominent areas of the city will give you access to the dhow cruise. The Dubai Creek belongs to the old Dubai. It is the place where the Arabs were settled when they were relocated from their villages to this city. The Dubai Creek divides the city into two areas: one is Bur Dubai (old Dubai), and the other one is Deira (new Dubai). 

Meanwhile, the Dubai Marina is the newer version of the new Dubai. It has an artificial canal city with high skyscrapers touching the clouds and top-notch, high-end modern architecture on both sides. This place is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. There are unique cafes and eateries. 

Which One Is Best

If you are looking for the best holidays in Dubai, then it is up to you to choose the dhow cruise per your preferences. It depends on your taste and, most importantly, your budget. You can learn about the difference between both of the dhow cruises. It will make it easier for you to decide on your own. 

Dubai Creek has a limited number of sights compared to the Dubai Marina. You will find Dubai Creek, which covers most of the areas. You will see the historical part of the city, the Bastakiya Quarter. However, you will enjoy the sophisticated architecture of this. There will be some souks, palaces and a heritage village. Meanwhile, the Deira side of the city will let you have a look at the prominent buildings. This includes the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, National Bank of Dubai, Sheraton and etc. 

People who want to check out the luxurious side of Dubai should pick Dubai Marina for it. Here you will see an incredible skyline with a unique style and architecture. You will love it for sure. Each and everything in the new Dubai will surprise. If you pick this, you will be in for a treat. You can click pictures for your social media account and upload them. This will go down memory lane. You can choose both from our services at Desert Safari Dubai.

Final Thoughts

For individuals thinking of going on a dhow cruise, you can pick the Dubai Creek one or the Dubai Marina. The choice is yours. Of course, you will have a lot of fun on this trip. It is something that will make your holidays 2x more fun and enjoyable. Speaking of enjoyment, you can also check luxury desert safari packages in Dubai. It is something that you should experience when you are in Dubai.

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