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Marina Dhow Cruise vs. Creek Dhow Cruise – What To Choose?

If you are planning and researching about the places to visit and things to do when in Dubai for your fun-filled holiday in this happening city, you will have definitely come across a dhow cruise as a famous activity. The dhow cruise is available on Dubai Creek as well as on Dubai Marina. Before you make a booking for a dhow cruise dinner, it is essential to know about the differences between dhow cruise Marina and dhow cruise Creek to make an informed decision.

Dubai Marina vs. Dubai Creek

Dhow cruise facilities are available on Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina, two of the most prominent areas of Dubai. The Dubai Creek refers to old Dubai, a location where the Arabs initially settled when they relocated to Dubai from villages in the desert. The Dubai Creek is the dividing line that divides Dubai into two areas Old Dubai (Bur Dubai) and New Dubai (Deira). 

On the other hand, Dubai Marina is the modern version of the new Dubai. It is a man-made canal city with skyscrapers and major examples of modern architecture on either side. It is the place where some of the most luxurious hotels, high-end restaurants, unique cafes, and quaint boutiques are located.

What to choose?

If you are vacationing in Dubai for the first time, you must be confused about which one to choose: either Marina Dhow Cruise or Creek Dhow Cruise. This wholly depends on your personal preferences, choices, and of course, budget too. Here, we have compiled some of the major differences between the options of dhow cruises to make the decision easier for you. 

Sights and sceneries

On the Bur Dubai side of Dubai Creek, a promenade covers a huge area. However, when the promenade ends, you are greeted with the stunning sights of the ancient historical part of the city featuring the Bastakiya Quarter. You would get to explore the spectacular architecture of the past as well as palaces, souks, and a heritage village. 

While on the Deira side of Dubai, you would get to explore some prominent iconic buildings, including the National Bank of Dubai, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Sheraton, etc.

Cost factor

The Dubai Marina dhow cruise price is higher compared to that of Dubai Creek. You can go on a Dubai Creek dhow cruise dinner at about half of the cost of a dhow cruise dinner at Dubai Marina. However, the price is justified according to the quality of the food to customer service. Everything is of higher quality which is worth the money. If you are tight on the budget, Creek dhow cruise is no less and offers you a worthwhile experience at a lesser cost.

Mood and Setting

The mood of both places plays a key role in making your decision. Dubai Creek has a kind of the hustle and bustle that is associated with daily routine. The daily business routine, traffic, and barges departing to ports create the ambiance of the place. 

On the contrary, Dubai Marina focuses more on entertainment and leisure. You can experience a leisurely walk or have coffee or dinner at one of the restaurants.

Wrapping up

Clearly, both the Creek dhow cruise and Marina dhow cruise have their own perks. You can not declare one as the winner. It depends on your choice and your budget that what you choose. Once you have made your decision, contact Desert Evening Safari for the best dhow cruising experience. We have exclusive packages for both dhow cruises at the most market-competent rates. We also offer Abu Dhabi tours, Dubai city tours, Desert Safari packages, and much more.

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