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Ride a quad safely with proven tips

Ride a quad safely with proven tips

Quads are vehicles increasingly used to enjoy leisure in natural environments. However, driving a quad is not easy. They are different, as they are not motorcycles and unstable vehicles, in which you have to be very careful not to tip over. For starters, having four wheels instead of two, quads driving are more complicated and require a point of prudence and ability to avoid losing control of the vehicle. However, our quad bike Dubai squad will guide you throughout your desert trip.

In this sense, from Desert Evening Safari, we have some valuable tips for you to reduce risks when driving your quad. However, with our quad desert Dubai models, you are absolutely safe, as we have professionals who will guide you well.

A helmet ensures safety  

Before getting on the quad, you need to be prepared. If you ride a quad, you must have good equipment, including wearing an approved helmet to ensure your head safety. Not just anyone is valid, it must be an approved helmet similar to the one used to ride a bike.

A helmet covering all your face with a visor will protect you from aridisols in a desert, mud. Overall, the helmet can save your life on a quad.

Other safety equipment 

In addition to a helmet to ensure your head safety and protection on the quad, it is also important to have equipment protections. Remember that quad bikes lack bodywork, and any small accident can be very dangerous and cause severe injury.

Therefore, equipment protections are essential, such as bibs. Besides, protectors are necessary for the legs and arms that protect the extremities from chafing in the event of a fall.

Be careful with the curves

As with motorcycles, the quads lean. However, they do it to the opposite side of the curve, to the point that they can rise and remain on two wheels.

Dumping a quad is not tricky, so do not take curves at excessive speed and in a sudden way. A smooth ride is the best to ensure your safety on a quad.

Ride seated without over speeding

Unlike motorcycles, you do not have to put your feet out on the quad or try to put them on the ground. The safest thing to do is ride in a seated position and maintain proper gear.

The speed and the wheels on the rear axle could play tricks on you on a quad of these characteristics.

Avoid taking passengers if your quad is not ready

Some types of quad bikes are designed to carry two people without problems. However, the lighter quadricycles do not always respond in the same way when the rider travels accompanied.

Therefore, we do not advise carrying passengers on the quad, as you may increase the chances of losing the vehicle’s control. You must be careful especially on routes on forest tracks, roads, and country areas with many irregularities.

Always maintain a controllable speed 

Quads are not particularly agile vehicles, and they are not distinguished by their speed either. Weight and category (light quadricycles, quadricycles, and special vehicles) determine your quad’s maximum speed. However, you can exceed the limits established for your vehicle.

One of our professionals will explain the speed limits you must respect when riding these quadricycles.

Exercise caution on upward and downward slopes 

One of the risky situations that you can experience at the handlebars of a quad is a steep slope. We advise you to keep the speed low so that the motor acts as a brake in these cases.

You may also have problems when going up a hill. So, you must accelerate so that the engine gives you the necessary force. It must be done progressively since if the thrust raises the vehicle excessively, the quad can fall on you.

We gives you an opportunity to make your desert experience excellent with our quad bike rental Dubai service. We are here to serve you!

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