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Some Attractions Of The Dubai Expo 2021

Some Attractions Of The Dubai Expo 2021

Dubai Expo exponentially contributes to the economy of the United Arab Emirates. The start COVID-19 pandemic pushed the organizers to delay Dubai Expo of 2020 for one year. This expo is currently being held in 2021 with great zeal and zest.

Country pavilions for people are created to entice the participants and audiences. Anyone who visits Dubai Expo 2021 is sure to have a variety of experiences including cultural diversity, entertainment and fashion industry updates as well as educational exhibitions.

While you’re there, take a stroll to one of the beaches, famous deserts, or maybe rent a quad bike in Dubai for an added thrill and fun. After that, come back to the expo and enjoy the attractions offered here. Here we discuss some major attractions of Dubai Expo 2021 so you are well informed when visiting.

Innovative Architecture

The tradition of the expo to introduce innovative architecture is followed this year as well. At the expo, an unsupported dome called Al Wasl can be seen. Al Wasl has a centerpiece with a 360-degree projection surface and is claimed to be the largest unsupported dome in the world. Dubai Expo 2021 is definitely a good platform if you want to see the art of architecture. Flying cars by Uber are also appealing to various visitors of the Dubai Expo 2021.

United Nations at the Expo

Millions of people are visiting the expo this year from different regions of the world. This is a great opportunity for United Nations to showcase the role of their organization and bring up the importance of Sustainable Development Goals. With an aim to create awareness and attract people towards playing their role for the betterment of the globe, UN has held a space in the Dubai expo 2021.

UN is utilizing this platform to bring positive change by connecting with their future participants. People who love mother Earth and have sympathy for the struggle of different nations around the world will be able to find a great platform to turn their goals into practical implementation.

A Step Towards the Outer Space

A special and dedicated Mobility District is located at this year’s Dubai expo facilitating the exchange of ideas. The district allows the building of connections and is bridging the gulf with the digital sphere.

Organizations like Emirate Mars Mission and UAE National Space Programme are present at the expo, opening up the doors to space awareness. Due to the presence of these organizations at this prestigious platform, people will be obligated to think beyond the limitations of the globe and focus their energy on ideas like populating the mars. Space exploration initiatives are being encouraged, featuring fun activities like autonomous riding and futuristic vehicles.

Activities For Entertainment:

It’s a Dubai expo. The word itself can be used interchangeably with entertainment. The pavilion of Germany has a robot band featuring some of the most famous works of Beethoven. Theatre activities and operas are being performed. At Al Wasl Plaza, a show featuring creatures is being heard of and anticipated by the audience.

Additionally, parades and festivals by school students have added more glamour to the show. Concerts, stage shows, and other musical performances are few of the things to look forward to at the Dubai Expo.

Arts and Culture

Art galleries/ installations, workshops teaching the tricks and techniques of arts and crafts have brought in a lot of art enthusiasts to the expo. Performances featuring traditional acts and cultural themes are one of the major attractions of Dubai Expo 2021. Sabeel fountains are designed specifically for expo in addition to a Music Studio by the Jamaican Pavilion. Benches with charming calligraphy and beautiful messages are some great things one will get to experience when they visit the expo.

If you are planning a visit, be at ease and plan your tour in no hurry because the Dubai expo will be six months long. While planning a visit, plan a tour through the modern city of Dubai as well. Utilize your visit and invest some time visiting malls, beaches and deserts.

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