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Top Five Travel Destinations In 2021

Top Five Travel Destinations In 2021

Without much exaggeration, we can say that there exists at least one travel enthusiast in each household. Traveling is the experience that lets you get away from the everyday routine. Visiting different cities opens up your mind and perspective. It expands the vision through which you see the world.

Meeting new people and exploring different cultures is an experience like no other. Exploring diversity while simultaneously enjoying beautiful views and amazing food is something everyone wants to experience at least once in their life.

However, it can be a bit of a task to decide where to go. The key is to identify what are the things you want to cover in a particular trip. To make things easier, we will mention a few of our favorite destinations to visit in 2021.


The city of Dubai is known for its well-crafted skyscrapers and modernization. Many natives from different countries shift to live in this country due to the diversity of people and wide range of cultures it offers.

An overnight desert safari in Dubai is an experience nobody wants to miss out on. Dubai has successfully created a reputation for its deserts, malls, skyscrapers and city views which offers distinct experiences. A touch of the native culture of the Arab Nations is seen and felt when tourists wear turbans and ride on camels.


Bali in Indonesia is a known travel destination among many nationalities. Due to the beautiful scenic views featuring beaches, heavy forests and volcanoes etc, Indonesia is definitely the second most worthy place to visit in 2021 on our list.

You’ve probably seen a picture or two of Bali with beautiful sunset sitting on top of a blue blanket of a beach. It is the most westernized province of Indonesia where many tourists visit every year to expand their travel experience. Jungles providing shelter to tigers, elephants, and orangutans is another bit to make your decision to visit Indonesia firmer.


The wildfire spread around forests in Australia last year has had Australia go through a major period of depression. However, even this disaster wasn’t enough to throw this country out of our bucket list because of all the beautiful wildlife experiences it has to offer.

Hikes across heavily planted national parks, featuring the essence and the fresh smell of nature is definitely going to make you love this country. Australia offers wilderness at its best with camping spaces, properly facilitated to provide with basic life requirements.


Maldives is the most heard-of honeymoon destination for a reason. Composing of small islands within its vicinity with well-constructed suites, Maldives is definitely a place worth visiting. The tropical beauty of this country is a whole another topic to discover. Sandy beaches containing white sand sitting under transparent bright blue waters with a luxury hotel situated right next to the beach are some praise-worthy Maldives features.

United States (California)

Because US is so geographically spread out, we have specifically mentioned the state that is most worthy of visiting. California is known for being dry but the beautiful National parks featuring high-standing sequoias creates a balance for this drawback. Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, each city offers a whole new culture and fashion industry. In just one state, you will find the Hollywood walk of fame, the Golden Gate Bridge and one of the most popular hubs for casinos.

Here are the top five destinations from the top of our bucket list. 2020 has been a difficult year due to the sudden spread of coronavirus and the closing of all inter-country borders as well as flight cancellations. However, in 2021, as the borders open and tourism gets back to its usual pace, traveling services are booming like never before. Places like Dubai are openly welcoming people from all across the world lately. While you’re planning your trip to this tourist paradise, make sure you don’t miss out on overnight packaged offered by tour companies. You can get in touch with Desert Evening Safari to get a reasonable package to fulfill all your thrills.

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