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What Are The 5 Fun Things You Can Do In the Desert Safari?

There are some momentous experiences that one can only enjoy at Desert safari in UAE. If you are among the people who wonder why a place with so heat and sand is such a popular site among tourists in Dubai, we recommend you take a backseat, as we are going to give you an exciting ride, entailing every phenomenal experience that this awesome desert has to offer.

  • Embark for Desert Safari

The best time to do is in the morning or evening. You can either sit comfortably in a car and enjoy the beautiful desert all around you, or you can drive the vehicle yourself to experience the most unusual driving experience. Whether you are driving in Desert Safari or not, you would be required to move over the sand dunes. It can be a bit daunting if you are a newbie driver. If not, then you would feel an incredible surge of adrenaline, every time, your vehicle teeter on the edge of the sheer drop.

Although this dipping down and rising up over the sandy slopes would resume until you reach the destination, most vehicles usually stop by in a couple of spots to take sunset photos and to relax for a while.

The journey ends in a traditional-looking Bedouin camp, where you would be staying in the desert to experience Dubai’s Bedouin lifestyle until your trip reaches its ends. Furthermore, your trip is literally studded with stars because the instant night arrives here, you would see how your Bedouin camp gets flooded by stars.

  • Rev up for quad biking

While you are traveling through the sand dunes, you would pass through the most famous sand dune, called Big Red. If you really want to enjoy your trip to Desert Safari, we suggest you make a stop at Big Red and hop on a quad bike.

Quad biking in dune is kind of an experience that you would find enjoyable beyond anything. With you on a quad bike in Desert Safari, all you have to do is follow the natural trail of the dunes, hurtle, bounce over and kick the sand in your friends’ face.

Although quad biking might seem quite a daring sport, it is actually a pretty safe and easy sport, however, you are advised against riding it without a helmet.

  • Relish sandboarding

Unlike quad biking, sandboarding does not look frightening, but it truly is something that only real adrenaline-seekers can try.

For sandboarding, you are required to place your feet over the snowboard-like object and glide it down the dunes!

  • Indulge yourself in a luxurious experience

One of the many reasons that make Dubai a dream place to live and stay at is the luxurious lifestyle it offers. Desert Safari also has a number of reserves that allow you to enjoy the raw desert life, without compromising too much on your comfort.

For instance, there is the Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience, where one can observe the native wilderness of the desert. Furthermore, Al Marmoom has vintage vehicles in which the visitors are taken for a pure and authentic desert experience. Besides Al Mamoom, there are many other exciting resorts in Dubai Safari and some of them would enable you to enjoy traditional breakfast, along with a storytelling experience by a local Bedouin.

  • Sleepover amidst a desert

Camping is considered synonymous with adventure. However, you do not have to camp to prove your adventurous side. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa located inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is here to give a new definition to adventure. Here you would find villas styled to look like tents and each of them featuring its own infinity pool.

Since this reserve is located inside the Desert Safari. You can come here for a relaxed layover after you are done taking risks in sand dunes. If you have come here to have nice sleep, we highly recommend you to ask for a villa that overlooks a natural oasis, because that would allow you to see Arabian oryx!

Other than these 5 fun activities, there are lots of other amazing things you can do at Desert Evening Safari. If you are curious to find out more, make sure to visit our website.

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