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What To Do And Where To Stay At Hatta?

What To Do And Where To Stay At Hatta?

Hatta mountain tours are getting increasingly popular among the tourists coming to Dubai. In addition to Hatta’s superb magnificence, this gorgeous-looking place is famous for a lot of things. Sitting proudly at the border of Oman, this ethereal exclave is only a couple of hours away from Dubai.

Hatta is famous for offering peace of mind, something that every Emarti craves. During summers, Hatta is a favorite pick for mini-vacation. During winters, it becomes an amusement spot for people who come here for, biking, hiking, and kayaking. Besides, offering multiple options for fun and adventure, Hatta also boasts a rich history.

Considering, the dense urbanity of Dubai and the magnetic pull of Hatta, it is understandable why so many people are coming to spend their vacation at Hatta. If you too have been thinking to take the Hatta mountain tour from Dubai, be glad because, in this blog, we would talk about everything you should know before you come to tour this place.

Is Hatta mountain part of Dubai?

Although Hatta is considered to be a part of Dubai emirate, it is certainly not within any rigid boundaries of the city. Rather Hatta mountain lies towards the southeast of the city at around 130 kilometers.

Before 1850, Hatta was part of Oman, and only when Omanis realized that they are unable to defend this town against the Buraimi tribes, they decided to give it away.  That is why even after so many years, this place has still retained its original Omani lifestyle.

How to reach Hatta?

Since Hatta is not too far from Dubai, you can reach here within 90 minutes and sometimes even earlier. However, if you are coming from Abu Dhabi, it would not take you around 3 hours. The fastest route to reach Hatta from Dubai is the Sharjah-Kalba route.

If you are inclined to take public transport to Hatta, you would be required to reach Sabkha Bus Station first. Once you are at the bus station, hop on to the E16 bus.

Where should you stay at Hatta?

Since the entire atmosphere of Hatta is quite laid back, you would mostly find really old hotels here. Although the rooms in the hotels are elegant, functional, and quaint, it costs a lot to stay there.

There is also a 4-star resort in Hatta where entire families can stay. Apart from offering opportunities to enjoy great family time, this resort has two outdoor pools that are heavily temperature-controlled. Furthermore, there is a spa, where anyone can go, relax and escape all the worries.

To keep the entire family intact and have a happy time, this place offers grounds for archery, golf area, air gun shooting, and a lot more. Also, you would also find a cute indoor recreation center, so the kids also do not feel excluded from all the fun.

What is Hatta Caravan Park like?

Hatta takes pride in being a home to UAE’s first caravan park, which is present inside Hatta Wadi Hub. Although, ideal for families, these caravans can be enjoyed if you are by yourself.

Here you would find a completely fitted kitchen, wifi, bedrooms along with a faux fireplace. Outside the caravans, you can find BBQ areas and a food truck as well.

How is Hatta’s Damani Lodges Resort?

Found at the center of a makeshift mountain town, Damani Lodges are famous for providing everything one requires to lead a simple life. Furthermore, if you are staying here, you will be provided with well-trained housekeeping services. So, by staying here, you would have everything taken care of.

Since Hatta is not just a picturesque town, you should definitely come here and explore it on your own!

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