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Why Go On a Desert Safari In Dubai

Dubai is very well known for its amazing infrastructure, facilities, eye-catching skyscrapers, state-of-the-art shopping malls, and brilliant hotels. However, this tourist paradise isn’t just confined to good infrastructure and modern facilities; when you go on a desert safari to Dubai, you’ll get to know that this city is full of exotic wildlife and there’s so much more.
With Us, you will get to explore the superb desert safari night and some tremendous specimens of wildlife. When you book a trip to Dubai, make sure you don’t miss out on the expedition to the wild and huge deserts of Dubai, which is the special attraction of this place.
People love to come to Dubai to experience the amazing attractions of this city of dreams. That being said, opting for a desert adventure on your vacation will help you make unforgettable memories for the place. Ever witnessed drifting on the dunes of the desert in an air-conditioned vehicle? You’ll enjoy this and so much more in Dubai.
From authentic Arabian food to dunes, abandoned camps, quad biking, sandboarding, and plenty of other things, let’s shed light on some of the top activities and attractions of overnight desert safari and the charm of desert tour in the morning.

Sunset Photography

If you’ve planned for an overnight desert safari in Dubai, you need to be there before the sunset to witness this beauty. This place is great for any time bracket; as the morning safaris allow you to experience the golden sunrise, the evening drive will enable you to catch the amazing sight of the sun setting into the dunes. Make sure you carry your camera along to capture the scene in the sandy desert of Dubai. Get mesmerized while witnessing the enchanting atmosphere in the evening hours.

Superb Dune Basing Experience

Before you reach the desert camp, you’ll enjoy bashing the sandy dunes in a luxurious 4×4 air-conditioned vehicle. The thrilling dune bashing in the desert is nothing short of a wild roller coaster-like experience. Along with this bumpy, wild ride, the desert view is breathtaking. Make sure you bring your friends or family members along to enhance your experience. However, you can also go on this trip all by yourself, as there’s no set requirement for minimum people here.

Quad Biking and Sand Boarding

Want to know how it feels to drive an all-terrain vehicle over the deep sand dunes of the Dubai desert? Get on the Quad bike and enjoy it to the fullest. You can also follow that up with an enthralling session of sandboarding. At Desert Evening Safari, we will provide you with skilled, highly trained, and accredited desert drivers who will also provide help if an emergency scenario arises. All the vehicles come with attached roll cages to provide the needed protection for the passengers.

Beautifully Decorated Bedouin Camp

After a whole day full of activities and games, you will find yourself exhausted at the day’s end. This is when you’ll need a nice place to relax and nap, which you can find in the traditionally decorated Bedouin camps. Apart from relaxing, you will also explore a plethora of great Bedouin activities in these camps like Henna tattooing, Sheesha smoking, Falcon photography, authentic Arabic cuisines, trying out Arab attires, and much more.

If you’re planning to visit Dubai, you need to include the evening desert safari trip in your schedule. Desert safari is a must for anyone coming to the UAE. This expedition will turn out to be an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

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