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Why Should You Visit Desert Safari When in Dubai?

Why Should You Visit Desert Safari When in Dubai?

Natural sites are always a refreshing visit. They have their own essence and feeling. Nothing can be compared to it. Even if you are around all the world’s luxuries, they still cannot give you the refreshment a natural site would.

Dubai is a place that is filled with luxuries and facilities. There are hotels, cars, clubs, and what not. The world’s best and most famous food, clothes, shoes, and everything can be found in Dubai. Many people visit it for the same reason, and it is a good enough reason.

However, when visiting Dubai, you should not forget where it came from. Only four decades ago, there were no such luxuries in Dubai. All the skyscrapers there did not exist. The city was a desert but still beautiful.

Now that Dubai has advanced so much, it still didn’t let go of its roots. It still lets you experience the tremendous beautiful deserts whose beauty cannot be matched. Now people can visit and enjoy the deserts of Dubai with much ease due to evening desert safari tours.

Read further if you wonder what you will do in a desert or why you should visit one.

Desert Safari Journey

Everyone likes to enjoy the thrill and to keep looking for ways to experience it. An evening safari Dubai journey will get you the thrill you have not experienced before. You must be wondering how? Well, for a desert tour, it’s better to hire a company like D-E-S. These companies take you on a journey of the desert on four-wheeler vehicles. Drivers drive you around on high and low sand dunes at high speeds. You do not need to worry as the drivers are experts. When sitting inside the car, all you should do is hold on tight and enjoy the ride to the fullest. A better experience of this ride will be at the passenger or front seat of the car.

Ride a Quad Bike

Quad biking is something that you should do when in a desert filled with dunes. You will remember it for the rest of your life for the excitement it brings. You can simply rent a quad bike and go on with your ride. However, there are some precautionary measures to take. For example, always wear a helmet when quad biking. It can save you from many big or minor injuries. Quad bike is not difficult to ride and control. They are speedy but light enough for new drivers to handle. Other than helmets, goggles and gloves are a must too. They keep your eyes and hands safe from the dust and help in an easy-breezy ride. Companies like Desert Evening Safari make sure they give you the preventive necessities.

Night Safari

This is something not many people think about doing in a desert, but this is one of the best choices you can make when visiting a desert. One shouldn’t miss a night safari in Dubai after they have decided to visit the desert. You can book a night safari trip with us that will include many luxuries like food, camping, and all the comfort necessities. On this trip, you can see the Arabic culture to its fullest. In the middle of the calm of the night desert, you will have an Arabic dinner, music, traditional belly dance, and much more. You can see the stars so clearly that the view will truly mesmerize you. So, the desert is not just about visiting in the evening. You should surely experience the slight cold, the dark sky, and the extreme calm of the night desert too.


Other than night safari, it is recommended that you experience camping in the desert. It will give you the entire desert essence. You will understand the relaxation it brings once you spend a night in the desert. It will be, however, slightly cold than it is in the afternoon or evening. That is why the overnight desert is a whole different experience than visiting the desert in the evening. Both are fulfilling and enjoyable.


Another way to experience the great dunes of Dubai’s deserts is sandboarding. The difference here from the four-wheelers and quad biking is, you are in complete control. There are preventive measures like pads and goggles to save you from injuries and sand. You can strap the board with your shoes and take your rides down the dunes. It will be fun for people who are willing to take adventures. It also doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to ride the board; you can learn it in a few tries.

The point is, when visiting Dubai, you should give the beautiful deserts a visit. There are uncountable things to enjoy and try as some of the mentioned above. So, choose a company like Desert Evening Safari to make sure you experience desert to its fullest. 

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